What can you learn from a 17th century samurai?

Plenty, if that samurai happens to be Miyamoto Musashi, the greatest samurai who has ever lived. He started fighting at the age of 13 and never lost. He summarized his insights on how to defeat any opponent – the book’s called THE BOOK OF 5 RINGS. But the book is much more than about the art of mastering swordsmanship. It’s a “samurai philosophy” that can be applied to today / anything.

But how can you apply his samurai teachings to today world?

While Musashi’s primary purpose is to defeat the enemy by any ways possible, his writings go much further such as strategy, spirituality and one’s outlook on life. If you want to become a 21st century samurai, you need to understand the “water chapter.” Being a Buddhist,  Musashi puts a lot of focus on It’s about mental and physical balance and flexibility:

Both in fighting and in everyday life, you should be determined yet calm.

During battle, whether an argument with your boss, teacher or sports team, you will be able to take advantage of through your spirituality and balance.

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Franco Arda
publisher Book of 5 Rings Comic